Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Good Things Never Last..

Remember in my last post I said that I felt all positive and good and stuff. Well, it's totally my fault I have a big fat cold, as I tempted fate. I spent last night on the sofa shivering under a blanket.

I did actually go into work today, for two reasons. One, I'd told people Benn was at home, so I didn't want people to think I was skiving to spend time with him and two because it was class photos and I didn't want people to think I was skiving those, either. However, people are now urging me to stay off tomorrow, so I have planned cover lessons and will decide in the morning. Although I have felt better today, this cold does tend to deteriorate in the evening. I'm blasting my system with Sudafed, echinacea, vitamin C and Berrocca, but any other suggestions welcome!

Also, I really fancy some sock yarn in turquoise and green-y type colours. Anyone got any suggestions? Ta :)

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Easyknitter said...

Send me some colour samples in an email and for the mer price of £9 per 100g those colours shall be yours.... though don't tell everyone I do requests at such reasonable prices... it's only 'mates rates' you know! :-)

Feel Better soon,