Sunday, 6 January 2008

If I hide under the desk, will anyone see me?

So, it's back to work tomorrow and back to land of 'normal'. Woo, year 10s who haven't seen each other in two weeks are my first contingent of students tomorrow. It will be hell. And then I've blagged a fairly easy-yet-lazy lesson for my sixth formers after that. I have, however, marked all of the literature essays, and for once, I think I feel fairly confident with the marking, which knowing me will mean I'm completely out with their grades.

Yesterday was a day of school-ness, despite the fact that I have done nothing but (it feels like) since last week. My fault for not being focused, I guess. Also, the Christmas tree came down- a lot longer than I would have liked, I might add- and Benn spent the day distraught because Brighton were knocked out of the FA Cup.

I decided to have a lazy day today and not beat myself up about the fact that I haven't got an entire week's worth of planning done, but I do know where I'm going, so that's ok, and I have most of my first three days' worth of lessons done. Phew.

Is it really wrong that I'm counting down the six weeks to half term? There are a couple of reasons though, let me explain. 1) The weather will be much better after half term, give or take a bit of snow, 2) all the illnesses will hopefully begin to subside- we haven't been hit by Norovirus at my school. Yet. 3) we begin the big scary move towards selling the flat, something I've been after doing for ages.

So I've spent most of today watching Top Gear repeats on Dave (sad, I know, but now I actually understand what they're talking about, I find myself oddly fascinated by cars that cost the same as this very flat and possibly our next home put together) and knitting. I've got a bit bored with the baby jacket, so have switched my fickle affections back to the sombrero sock, which I began before Christmas. I've done the toe a bit weird, but it fits, so I don't care. I'm on the second one now like a demon, I only gave up because my hand hurt. I've also spent part of the day reading my Mitford book and reassuring Benn that his interview for promotion will go well tomorrow, fingers crossed. I do feel I've hardly seen him this weekend.

I'm off to hibernate in preparation for my 6am start. *sob*

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