Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Year, New Decade!

So, I hope Christmas was lovely for everyone? I was thoroughly spoilt, was given lots of lovely books (which I seem to have added to in the last few days, darn sales!) and Benn took me to see Breakfast at Tiffany's in London, starring the lovely Anna Friel. It was based on the book, which I love- although the film has its charms too. A lot of people were moaning, but I went and bought the novella to re-read.

This time around, the Christmas/New Year gap has not been as hideous as last year. This time last year I was low, very low. I wasn't happy, I felt numb and I couldn't do anything. I dreaded work and I lost interest in doing anything fun. What a difference a year makes! I've loved the time off and I've just been kind to myself, something I should have done this time last year.

I've finished all my school work and have been happily knitting an Ishbel shawl (the Travelling Woman did not work out. I guess these things sometimes happen), watching Dollhouse on DVD and reading about the 1930's War on Crime in the US. Totally fascinating and some ideas there for some writing next year, which is exciting.

So, next year. A decade is a long time and I think I've really grown up, especially in the last five years. I wonder what the next year has in store? I've decided not to make resolutions, as such, but goals that I aspire to. I won't beat myself up if I don't get there, but will at least try and work towards them.

So, in 2010, I'd like to:

- Complete at least ten knitted projects (one of which should be a hat, I lost my favourite one!)
- Work on my writing- both for publication and private work
- Grow some interesting vegetables
- Find something to smile about everyday (corny, but I want to keep the positivity going!)
- Be punctual in replying to emails/texts/letters

Have a lovely new year! x

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


I really don't like snow. Maybe it's being a northerner and seeing so much of the stuff growing up and knowing that snow is only pretty for about 12 hours before it decides to become a death trap, but I really can't bear it. (However, we did have a robin in the garden the last couple of days.. how Christmassy! It would have helped had Bronte not realised that to be an almost black cat on a white background is not the most successful-bird-catching-camouflage. Very funny though!) And we did get a snow day on Friday, which was nice.

I've spent the last few days mostly sleeping, which I take to mean that I actually needed it. I've also spent the time starting a Travelling Woman shawl in some Three Irish Girls yarn, which is lovely.

Oh, AND my Irish women article is out if you want to buy a copy. Mine is 'Irish Rebel Women' on the cover, yay!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Catching my breath...

So, the autumn term is nearly over and I can't say I'm not glad- it's always the longest (and hardest) of terms. The darkening days, the stress of Year 11 preparing for their mocks, kids getting hyper at the mere whiff of Christmas and the fact that the staffroom is bitterly cold don't help. Anyway. I've decided to have a marking blitz this weekend and so have a restful Christmas break. I've not managed to do as much knitting/reading/baking over the past few weeks as I would like, so I want a complete wind down.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year- last year I was a bit ill and down and this year I'm much more positive. The festivities kicked off on Tuesday, when I hosted a Christmas pub quiz, which despite the lame heckling attempts, went rather well. Then on Wednesday it was the SnB Christmas party. This year, for the first time, I organised it. It was great and I had a fantastic time. I also got some lovely sock yarn in the Secret Santa, hurrah!

Ophelia has settled in... she has a habit of following either myself or Bronte (although Bronts is not thrilled by this) I think she thinks we are rabbits. She is lovely and very easy to live with- not a chewed skirting board in sight!

So this next week, I intend to get all my admin done, sleep and look forward to the 18th when school finishes!