Wednesday, 29 July 2009


So, school broke up last week and I have been mooching around. I've eaten a lot of fudge, discovered I really love playing a particular game on my DS and knit a pair of *really* offensively bright socks. I've walked to and from town everyday apart from today, I've read two books and I'm finally getting my bum into gear with regards to the research I intended to do over the summer. I also wrote a few letters, sent a couple of parcels and slept a lot.

The reason I'm sleeping a lot is that I am coming off some medication that I have been on for about nine months. I made a decision with my doctor that I wanted to see if I could cope without it. Upside- I seem to be getting my creativity back. Downside- the physical symptoms I had before have come back. So we'll see how it goes. I'm trying to stay positive, although that's quite easy when I spend a large proportion of my time asleep! It'll be interesting to see, once the first three weeks of the holidays have passed, how I feel. I'm teaching four days of a summer school next week and I have a sewing lesson on the Thursday (I will master my sewing machine!)

In other news, I got commissioned last week for an article in a magazine that I'll actually get paid for! It's based around my Irish research and I have about six weeks to write it. I'm quite pleased that I had the guts to finally email someone with an actual idea and that it paid off. Let's just hope someone somewhere likes what I'm doing and wants to keep paying me to do it! I have dreams of one day owning a house somewhere where I hide away for months at a time in order to write. Very Virginia Woolf/John Steinbeck... In these dreams though, being a hermit also appeals, so I'm not sure how feasible as a daydream they are..

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Well, not massively, as not a lot has happened (well, it sort of has as well, but not) I'm just in one of those moods where all my emails and letters are getting answered, I'm feeling really positive and things are getting done. I think I'm preparing for the 22nd when we break up, which is actually three teaching days after the rest of the country, which is quite irritating. Swine flu has also hit school, but as far as I know only one pupil has it. So, we'll see how many don't come in... there are always a few.

So, I've been knitting away at some bog-standard socks, a Hypoteneuse shawl and ignoring my February Lady Sweater and my blanket. The hot weather has been too hot for big projects. I must admit that I much prefer the stormy weather we've had of late. I love being inside when the thunder hits!

Massive news: I finished my CBT :D So I'm beginning to feel better again for the first time in months. Yay!