Saturday, 30 August 2008

In Memory of Douglas (December 2006- 30th August 2008)

So, I'm back on the internet and I did have lots of exciting news.. which I will post about another day. Today I'm going to post about Doug.

He's not been well for a while, something (we think) to do with his kidneys. He's been going bald and peeing a lot, which all points to renal problems, not a lot can be done about them. Anyway, today, in the midst of dealing with upstairs' errant kitten and a stupidly big bookcase, I noticed that Doug was in a funny position. Whilst holding a kitten unceremoniously in one hand and a shelf in the other, I asked Benn to check.

I went to hand the kitten back and Benn confirmed the worst. He looked peaceful. I, on the other hand, have been bawling my eyes out.

I hope there are plenty of peanut sticks wherever hamsters go...

Friday, 1 August 2008


I failed. Hey ho. I think I'll re-take it in October, but I'm not sure how keen I am on that. I don't actually like driving that much and am only really doing it because Benn thinks it's a good idea. I see what he means about the driving being a good skill to have, but I have no plans to buy a car if I pass. The test was so stressful, my nerves were shot (I actually started crying at one point, at one of the 'serious fault' points. If I were the examiner, I would have got out and walked away.) Another reason he says I should get my license is that it would free up where we could live (i.e. not near a station). I've said I will quite happily buy a scooter and get to the station that way. *Sigh*, I dunno.

Anyway. I have spent *so* much money this week being off (not least in Ringtons. I love their loose leaf tea and I bought various ones and a Teafuser. It's amazing. I love gadgets, especially ones that mean I don't spill tea leaves everywhere!) I think, though, that as I'm teaching summer school next week I'll be too knackered and occupied to spend money.

Oh, and the week after that, I've decided to get the bulk of my preparation done for going back to school. I felt I should get it done so I can relax on holiday. So it'll be a day or so marking coursework and then maybe a day or two planning (although I find you can't get loads done until you actually start back at school. But I have a lovely A5 planner! And a seperate mark book!) and I have dentist and opticians appointments and I'll be knitting for the Ravelympics, so I'll be busy busy.

And I'll be in a new flat! We're moving next Saturday, so I can sit in my garden and potter, apart from the times when I will have leave the house for various reasons. So, hopefully, I should not need to spend money unless it's for the new flat. I am *so* excited, it's untrue!

Off to drink some tea so I can use my gadget now...