Monday, 19 January 2009

Blue Monday....

Today is supposed to have been the most depressing day of the year. Recently, I've been dealing with my own depression and I'm trying to work my way out of the whole depression/guilt/anxiety cycle which I've been in. I'm getting there, slowly, thanks to the regular doctor's appointments and support from friends and family. But, today I decided to focus on things that make me happy.

We renewed the lease on the flat for a year. I love this flat. I feel happy here, I'm settled and I can't wait to get home on an evening. I love coming home and knitting, or reading or whatever. I love sitting down for dinner with Benn and talking over the day, seeing Bronte (and Baldrick!) and just generally pottering.

I'm looking forward to spring and growing things. I like that the days are getting longer by 3.5 minutes every day.

I'm knitting a cardigan that I like, in a colour I like and that doesn't make me feel thick.

I have an interview on Wednesday for the promotion. Even if I don't get it, at least I'll have had a go and shown willing.

I discovered today that there are St Clare's and Malory Towers box sets. Even if Benn can't understand why I want to buy books I've already read when I have so many yet to read.

The flights to Ireland are booked :)

I'm baking like a mad thing. Work are paying me and saying that they like the stuff (snickerdoodles today). Even if they're lying, I'm happy!

I bought a bike yesterday. It has a basket on the front (although I don't think Bronte will appreciate me sticking her in it, cycling round singing 'The Hills Are Alive') I can't yet get my balance on it, but I will.

I am extremely lucky and I know that I am, especially in these times. I just wish I didn't have a chemical imbalance in my brain right now!

What makes you happy??

Monday, 12 January 2009

Totally disappointed

I need a whinge. Back in September, I put a commission on Etsy's Alchemy for a ring to be made. I found the perfect jeweller, she had excellent feedback and seemed to know exactly what I wanted. I paid $30 deposit, with the rest to be paid when the ring was complete- by Nov 30th, by which time she repeatedly promised to have the ring made.

Then things started to go wrong. She was hard to contact, she never seemed to be able to tell me where the ring was in terms of progress. Time passed. She said she had family problems, but was working to get back on her feet. I said OK, I'm patient, no worries. I tried not to get in touch with her too often; I didn't want to seem pushy. Then the bad feedback kept appearing. People couldn't get a response from her.

Then she kept dis- and reappearing on Etsy. I finally report her to the Etsy team. The last email I had was from her on Christmas Eve, telling me the ring was still being made and she would get back to me with a picture. I emailed her last Monday. Last Tuesday, I got a response from the Etsy team saying that she had refused to confirm whether my order would be processed. She's been kicked off Etsy and isn't answering emails.

*Sigh.* Because of my patience, I lost my money and even more disappointing is that I trusted someone I thought I could work with :( I still love Etsy and crafters though- I refuse to let one bad apple spoil the barrel for me!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

A post in which I realise how much I miss Woolworths

I spent an hour and a half looking for a bun tray yesterday (the kind to make fairy cakes with) and ended up paying quite a lot for one :s Woolies, come back! My department have paid me to make them a batch of buns, so I made some very nice looking lemon drizzle ones which were a recipe of my own invention. I'm very proud!

I'm having a nightmare devising my snood. I've found that a scarf/hat combo is not always practical on the train, so I've been trying to knit one. Well, I did, until I realised it looked like a garish, flamboyant would be armed robber's balaclava. No cast off worked. So I've resorted to crocheting it instead. My yarn also arrived for my February Lady cardigan. Very excited about having a go at a cardi... I've bought red Freedom Spirit, which is lovely and I think will knit up well.

An exciting development- it looks like we may be going to Ireland in May. I am very excited, my mum's side of the family are from Cork and we will be staying there for a couple of days as well as a couple in Dublin. I can't wait!

I'm also waiting to hear if I've got an interview for a temporary promotion at work. Please keep your fingers crossed; it sounds like an interesting proposition and would mean a bit of extra money for a few months.

Remember Baldrick? We have now acquired him on a part time basis (despite what Benn says). He comes in during the day and plays with Bronte- they are very cute together and when I told the neighbour he was coming in, he gave me food! Benn doesn't like him coming in, but I don't mind him being here. I have a feeling that cats do what they please, regardless of what we think they should do!