Monday, 19 January 2009

Blue Monday....

Today is supposed to have been the most depressing day of the year. Recently, I've been dealing with my own depression and I'm trying to work my way out of the whole depression/guilt/anxiety cycle which I've been in. I'm getting there, slowly, thanks to the regular doctor's appointments and support from friends and family. But, today I decided to focus on things that make me happy.

We renewed the lease on the flat for a year. I love this flat. I feel happy here, I'm settled and I can't wait to get home on an evening. I love coming home and knitting, or reading or whatever. I love sitting down for dinner with Benn and talking over the day, seeing Bronte (and Baldrick!) and just generally pottering.

I'm looking forward to spring and growing things. I like that the days are getting longer by 3.5 minutes every day.

I'm knitting a cardigan that I like, in a colour I like and that doesn't make me feel thick.

I have an interview on Wednesday for the promotion. Even if I don't get it, at least I'll have had a go and shown willing.

I discovered today that there are St Clare's and Malory Towers box sets. Even if Benn can't understand why I want to buy books I've already read when I have so many yet to read.

The flights to Ireland are booked :)

I'm baking like a mad thing. Work are paying me and saying that they like the stuff (snickerdoodles today). Even if they're lying, I'm happy!

I bought a bike yesterday. It has a basket on the front (although I don't think Bronte will appreciate me sticking her in it, cycling round singing 'The Hills Are Alive') I can't yet get my balance on it, but I will.

I am extremely lucky and I know that I am, especially in these times. I just wish I didn't have a chemical imbalance in my brain right now!

What makes you happy??


Wibbo said...

Seeing the sea out of my windows makes me happy (even on a rubbish day like today).

kyla said...

What makes me happy? Hmmm.... I definitely know that letters from penpals make me happy! haha. :) Knitting makes me happy. Being with people whom I love and know they love me makes me happy. My niece makes me happy.


doviejay said...

After weeks and weeks of knitting projects that flat out didn't work or were just ho-hum, I finally finished some socks that I really like yesterday.

peri said...

This morning it is the birdsong coming in the windows with a fresh wintery breeze to blow away the cobwebs. My 2nd visit to the Get Knitted shop on Friday made me happy and a weekend full of open fires, snuggling and lots of saunas has added to a sense of wellbeing ;)

What are 'snickerdoodles'?

Sinta said...

January has always been a depressing month. Glad you have great support where you are and yes, concentrate on stuff that makes you happy! Seeing the days grow longer definitely is one for me :) Can't wait till it warms up so I can get back to do some gardening!

Hope the interview went well :) All the best!