Sunday, 8 March 2009


Today has been a weird day. I think that may be on account of me not quite being sure whether I took my medication (mum suggests I should buy a caddy with the days on it. I think I agree) or just because it's actually starting to feel like spring.

I woke up very early and did my usual thing of reading the papers online and then decided that 8am was *the* time to have a go at potting up my tomatoes in a second attempt, fix the greenhouse AND plant some herbs. Oh, and a bit of garden design. I think because the day was so beautiful to begin with, I was inspired to plan where I'll be planting sunflowers and poppies (I can't wait for the summer and the fruit of my labours).

I then marked a whole class worth of exam papers, which wasn't as hard as it sounds, as they were year 7. Although that doesn't stop me from doubting whether I marked them correctly.

We were invited to a first birthday party and service of thanksgiving. We turned up to the pub suitably underdressed for those who hadn't known everyone else had gone to church (we'd assumed that it was a family thing. Evidently not.) And watched toddlers beat each other up, play with a Tigger that for some reason did handstands and do that slidey thing across the floor on their knees that every small boy thinks is essential for a good family do. All of us childless misers were stood by the bar eating Pringles and watching events in bemusement.

After I got home from that, Benn chased Baldrick out, I baked some cookies for work and made a bolognaise. I'm looking forward to an evening of knitting and Flight of the Conchords.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about today...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Ever feel that your life is one bad sitcom??

I'm having one of those weeks. Let's look at the evidence:

1) I fell over in front of a student I was telling off yesterday and nearly smashed my glasses (I mean I went RIGHT over. Thankfully the student was actually concerned)

2) I got home to find my new mini greenhouse had blown over taking out my entire crop of tomato seedlings. All 19 of them. I was able to save four sweet pea seedlings. I am gutted.

3) This morning, whilst faffing around with my headphones on the way to the station, I stepped ankle deep into a puddle. *Sigh*

4) I was given a technology cover.

5) I had a lunchtime meeting.

I am so over feeling cheerful about spring. I think I'm going to hibernate until July.

I have, however, discovered an amazing website for UK readers. I'm currently trying to get the second book in the Twilight series (I know, I know, don't hate me for it! I tried to resist, I really did) and I've got rid of quite a few of my own. Benn is not pleased, as it means that although I am getting rid of books, they are being replaced. He didn't see my helpful argument that at least I'm not *adding* to the total as a helpful argument at all.