Saturday, 21 February 2009

Half term

Things have been massively busy in the last few weeks; quite a lot of work drama (thankfully nothing to do with me) meant that we all had to pitch in and I was exhausted by the end of it. I did get that promotion though! It sounds fun, but I will have so much to do between now and Easter (various reports, exam marking, sixth form coursework, parents' evenings... joy) but it'll be fine.

I started cognitive behavour therapy this week. This is all very well and good, but as soon as I'd made my second appointment, I started worrying that I would make it. *Sigh*. I have to keep a worry log, which has been quite revealing if I'm honest.

I finished reading 'Gone With The Wind' which, aside from the portrayal of the slaves, I loved. I watched the film on Saturday and now have an all-out obsession with Scarlett O'Hara. I want the dresses and I don't care if they're a) impractical, b) expensive or c) prevent me from actually getting into my flat. It's all irrelevant.

I went on a dyeing expedition yesterday (before what seemed to be my annual bout of dental work) and Emma and I had a go at various dye techniques at Jan's. Lots of fun and I actually produced a blue I liked. I'll post the pics when it arrives dried and ready! I'm not usually a fan of blue, but my ENTIRE FAMILY seems to want anything I make them to be blue. I may go back at Easter and dye up some yarn for my log cabin blanket. I want to knit it in violent shades of pink, turquoise and (possibly) a dark purple. It sounds hideous, but I don't care!

I also planted five varieties of tomato seed and two of sweet peas, which are now in the bedroom (to save them from the cats) in makeshift clingfilm green houses. Hopefully this year I'll actually get something to survive. I'll be planting poppies, herbs and sunflowers in a couple of weeks. It actually felt like spring today. Yay!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Let it snow..

Let's start with a gratuitous picture of Bronte and Baldrick before we start:

So, I've just had two snow days- a very rare occurrence in the south of England (not so rare when I was growing up 'oop north') and it's been a very welcome break. Admittedly, I haven't done that much, but I've enjoyed the time off.

Benn had never built a snowman until yesterday (he's 26!) which shows how unusual the amount was that we had. It was quite funny; all I could see of Bronte at one point were two ears and a tail! Can I just point out that I knit the scarf in the photo? I do occassionally finish things, y'know!

The irony is that on Sunday I went to an event which was aimed at getting people to grow their own plants. I'd got all excited about spring and then, overnight, we got a foot of snow. However, I have used the time wisely. I've perfected two cookie recipes (double choc and ginger), although I need to stop eating the fruits of my labours.. I've also knit quite a bit on my February Lady Sweater, which is fortunate, as I had to rip back the whole thing back. Fingers crossed, I'm back on track AND I have 1940's buttons :) I've also decided to knit a log cabin blanket as an on-going project. I can't decide on red or green as the main colour theme? Has anyone knit one of these before? Is it annoying or satisfying? I need something to knit whilst I'm watching Judge Judy (yes, I know, I can't help it!)

Benn is in Cambridge tonight for a course. I'm a bit worried, but I'm hoping the snow will hold off until the weekend. I quite like this nesting lark. I'm getting through Gone With The Wind like nobody's business. AND it'll be half term in a week and a half- bonus!

The really annoying thing about the snow? There's been no post for two days! Some of us are waiting for letters!