Saturday, 29 December 2007


Ok, I'll be honest, I'm hiding. From ten essays about 'Much Ado About Nothing.' So far today, I've marked one and a half, been swimming, slept for an hour, had a long bath and put a casserole dish in for a soak. So actually, I haven't been productive at all. I'm now sat here listening to the Spice Girls, drinking tea and checking my Fantasy Football team (I'm in the cup draw, so am now *very* interested in Cesc Fabregas' health and wellbeing...)

I am a bit sad; I keep a book journal. Basically, it's a list of all the books I've read in the last year and I am quite proud that I've stuck to it, as I'm rubbish about that kind of thing. I've read 43 books this year, which considering I haven't had more than two weeks off at once is pretty impressive. I'm also proud of the fact that I gave up my one-to-two bags of crisps habit and that I rarely have crisps these days. I'm sure my heart will thank me for it. My waistline doesn't seem to have felt the effects though. So naturally, I've started thinking about New Year's Resolutions. I don't want any over-the-top ones that I'm going to give up easily.. I would like to lose a bit of weight though, I think. So far, my list looks like this:

1) Cut down on Coke and other fizzy stuff. I got really good at this, and then recently it's crept back up. I only usually drink it in pubs, to which I rarely go, so it should be easy- it'll be when the weather creeps back up that I'll be tempted. Also applies to Starbucks Hot Chocolate with cream. I'll stick to skinny or Earl Grey, methinks.

2) Find a decent pair of jeans that fit. I'm not quite a size 14 and size 16 is way too big, so this is kind of a 50-50 thing- I'll lose a bit of weight, if ye Gode of Denime will provide me with a nice pair of jeans. Thanks.

3) Move house. Hopefully the ball will be rolling from the middle of February.

4) Pass my driving test (similar to last year's resolutions- start driving and get a passport, both of which I managed)

5) Make more time for my hobbies and for my friends/family. I'm hoping that the pressure starts to ease a little at school. I also have to learn to say no to things in order to get that elusive work/life balance.

6) Move my arse. I'm not talking about hours in the gym or pool, but regular swimming would be good and walking more would also be beneficial. I would also like a bike if we move.

7) Cook more and help more around the house. Domestic goddess I ain't. Even if I do this on the weekend, it would be an improvement on current situations.

Happy New Year!! xx

Friday, 28 December 2007

Looking Forward..

Hello! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.. I was a very lucky girl this year. Benn gave me a fab 1950's style Cath Kidston frame handbag, so what with that and the Mitford sisters' letters (a lovely 800+ pages.. yum!) I can swan about pretending to be Jessica Mitford! I also received the Spice Girls greatest hits, Knitted Icons (I'm going to adjust the Cher pattern and have a go at knitting an army of Amy Winehouses), Marine handmade me a beautiful knitting organiser-she sewed it all herself and everything!- a lovely kimono (amongst other things from Mum) and Gwen Stefani's perfume. I got *loads*, but it would be terribly boring to recount them here. Knitting has been on the back burner though, as have been preoccupied with said fantastic presents.

I have also eaten too much, so tomorrow a swim is in order, I think. Benn tried to get me to go to his posh gym, but I stuck my head in and it was a) too scary and b) the swimming pool was too tiny. So it's back to the Prince Regent. I'm willing to risk head lice and dive bombings for a 25m pool :)

This APD nonsense is starting to get daft now... school are going to wait to see how things turn out with the hearing therapist, but it looks like the best option would be to stick me in one room with a flashing light, instead of a bell (can you *imagine* the first time that goes off?) However, in order to do this, I need to register as disabled, which I'm not sure about. Also, this has a knock on effect in my driving- just as I was getting good! I need to inform the DVLA, who may issue me with a special driving licence, I will also have a specialised driving examiner and help for my theory (to be honest, all I would need would be a pen and paper)... that's if I'm *allowed* to drive. Argh.

Benn is going away overnight tomorrow, so I shall be marking and planning. Woo, what an exciting prospect. I need wine to contain my joy.

Night x

Friday, 21 December 2007

I'm not going mad...

Hello! So it's the end of term and all is well with the world (except I have a delightful cold sore and eczema on the back of my knees. Yay.)

I spent yesterday in the Royal Sussex Hospital's ear, nose and throat department having a barrage of tests. I have been diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder. It basically means that my ears and brain don't always match up, so I see someone speaking to me, but don't process the information. Reading the list of symptoms, it was like a lightbulb going off- bad memory, trouble following verbal directions, not hearing very well, needing lots of repetition. The doctor says I've probably had it for years but it became clear in my teaching. Ironically, after years of thinking my hearing was going, it's actually pretty good! It's just a relief to know I'm not going mad. It's considered to be an 'invisible disability', like dyslexia. If I register myself as disabled, the school can put things in place to help me. I'm not sure how I feel about that, really. I'm not really disabled and it would feel silly to say otherwise. I have been referred to a hearing therapist in the new year, so I should hold back until I've spoken with him/her.

Anyway, the doctor said I have to tell work colleagues, friends and family that I need them to look at me when they speak to me and just be aware. So, here I am telling you :) Basically, please don't look away or cover your mouth when you speak to me, as I won't understand what you're saying or I won't catch it.

Oh, and did I mention that I have a dental appointment on Monday?? Bah Humbug!

Saturday, 15 December 2007

It's the most wonderful time... lalala.

Hullo, long time no post. To be honest, work has been mad the last few weeks.. I've had four sets of reports to do, a parents evening, a course and two observations at school. Oh, and it appears that Christmas makes kids hyper. This has been an excruiciatingly long term of eight weeks and pupils can generallly cope with about seven until meltdown, so it's been 'interesting'. Needless to say, knitting (and any other 'fun' activity) has been on the backburner and will continue to be for another few days. *sigh*. Although the sombrero sock is halfway done and making me feel super clever. I love this pattern, so may make another pair for someone as a present in the new year.

I've started turning down party invites- I had two for last night which I turned down (it was lovely having the flat to myself, but annoying when I ran out of wrapping paper). I've also had to turn down various things next week, as both lack of energy and money do not a party animal make. However, I did attend the work's do (horrendous) and the Stitch and Bitch party (great, except I ate a pizza with lots of chillies and gave myself stomach ache). The SnB party was nice, as at the minute, I rarely get to go to meetings, so it was nice seeing everyone and, although neither Emma or myself were drinking, we were singing and letting off steam, which was nice. I also got a great Secret Santa present in the form of a book that has literally the answer to every knitting question you could ever ask for. Thanks Jo! I think my present of some Angels and Elephants sock yarn was well received, too.

I realised last night that most of my presents to friends this year are handmade (although not necessarily by me) and that was a nice thing to realise, as I like giving people things that are one offs...

Anyways, I must mark this year 10 coursework, as I would actually like some time this evening to read. Oh and we're popping upstairs to our neighbour's engagement party at three!

Sunday, 25 November 2007


I'm shying away from work. Again. I really should do something, as I have the first drafts of sixth form coursework in this week. I just can't be bothered. So I've been browsing on etsy instead. And registered. It's a slippery slope to actually opening a shop, but due to Emma's success with her monsters and armwarmers, I'm thinking it's not a bad idea... after all, there appears to be a lot of rubbish on there. I could make a couple of scarves and some armwarmers etc and see. What do you reckon? Should I do it?

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


I f***ing hate dentists (sorry mum) for a variety of reasons. My massive phobia is one. The fact that my current dentist has now taken FIVE appointments to actually do a filling is the other. I took the afternoon off to go to said dentist for a two pm appointment. Fine. I asked for today because it's easy to get cover and school will be more willing to provide it.

Alas, they told me that my appointment is booked for FRIDAY. Now, bear in mind that this takes me days and days to buck up the courage to go. Their mistake, I get told I can't be seen today. I book an appointment for 4th January. FOUR MONTHS after the original checkup when the filling was a little one. I had tried to go twice in half term, but the dentist was ill both days. Anyway, I get home and realise that I have the 3rd December off. Can they fit me in then? Yes, but they'll be arsey whilst I try to do it- she was looking at the 4th, ffs.

I'm sorry for the rant, but am really irritated by the fact I took a day off and stuff. I could have gone to Stitch n Bitch tonight, but was so annoyed, I don't think I could have coped with certain people without losing my temper.

In good news, have ordered the secret santa present (well, now I'm not paying for dentistry) and ordered myself some lovely new DPNs for my lovely sock wool. I haven't knit much in the last two days. I feel that, as this is primarily a knitting blog, I must apologise.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Everyday is like Sunday..

Today is horrible, weather-wise, but we need to go out to Sainsbury's to buy supplies for the next few days. Gah. I'm not massively keen on Sundays at the moment, I always leave my school work til today and then usually only do it begrudingly because I have to. Usually I look like this on a Sunday:

Anyway, yesterday I literally did nothing, as the last week has been horrendous for various reasons. I have managed to get Em's stuff finished in time for when Mum comes down for Xmas stuff in a couple of weeks. It didn't help that Benn was in bed all day with a stupid hangover, but at least I got a load of crochet done.

Despite saying I was off socks, after knitting three pairs of the same pattern, I bought this:

It's Ruby Slippers by Jon at Easy Knits. I picked it up at the Stitch and Bitch day in London last week. I also got a free pattern and knitting gingerbread man, which was fab! So these *are* going to be socks, but with a bit of a lace twist, which is exciting. I'm also working on what I'm calling the Cookie Monster scarf, which will be amazing when it's finished.
But first, I have to go buy juice and plan my Year 10 Media Studies lesson...

Saturday, 17 November 2007


OK, so I got fed up of using LiveJournal and none of my friends on there are really knitters.. they just don't understand.

I decided to set up this knitting blog, as I am currently a) a teacher in my first year of teaching, b) a freelance knitting writer and c) incredibly stressed/forgetful. So I thought this might be a good idea, in order to keep track of what I'm doing!

I'm tentatively starting to design stuff, but it's very early days, very basic stuff. I live in Brighton, with my boyfriend and the Hamster of Doom, Douglas.

I've just finished my sister's Christmas present and am desperate to start my Easy Knits Sombrero socks in 'Ruby Slippers'... How exciting!!