Wednesday, 21 November 2007


I f***ing hate dentists (sorry mum) for a variety of reasons. My massive phobia is one. The fact that my current dentist has now taken FIVE appointments to actually do a filling is the other. I took the afternoon off to go to said dentist for a two pm appointment. Fine. I asked for today because it's easy to get cover and school will be more willing to provide it.

Alas, they told me that my appointment is booked for FRIDAY. Now, bear in mind that this takes me days and days to buck up the courage to go. Their mistake, I get told I can't be seen today. I book an appointment for 4th January. FOUR MONTHS after the original checkup when the filling was a little one. I had tried to go twice in half term, but the dentist was ill both days. Anyway, I get home and realise that I have the 3rd December off. Can they fit me in then? Yes, but they'll be arsey whilst I try to do it- she was looking at the 4th, ffs.

I'm sorry for the rant, but am really irritated by the fact I took a day off and stuff. I could have gone to Stitch n Bitch tonight, but was so annoyed, I don't think I could have coped with certain people without losing my temper.

In good news, have ordered the secret santa present (well, now I'm not paying for dentistry) and ordered myself some lovely new DPNs for my lovely sock wool. I haven't knit much in the last two days. I feel that, as this is primarily a knitting blog, I must apologise.

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