Sunday, 18 November 2007

Everyday is like Sunday..

Today is horrible, weather-wise, but we need to go out to Sainsbury's to buy supplies for the next few days. Gah. I'm not massively keen on Sundays at the moment, I always leave my school work til today and then usually only do it begrudingly because I have to. Usually I look like this on a Sunday:

Anyway, yesterday I literally did nothing, as the last week has been horrendous for various reasons. I have managed to get Em's stuff finished in time for when Mum comes down for Xmas stuff in a couple of weeks. It didn't help that Benn was in bed all day with a stupid hangover, but at least I got a load of crochet done.

Despite saying I was off socks, after knitting three pairs of the same pattern, I bought this:

It's Ruby Slippers by Jon at Easy Knits. I picked it up at the Stitch and Bitch day in London last week. I also got a free pattern and knitting gingerbread man, which was fab! So these *are* going to be socks, but with a bit of a lace twist, which is exciting. I'm also working on what I'm calling the Cookie Monster scarf, which will be amazing when it's finished.
But first, I have to go buy juice and plan my Year 10 Media Studies lesson...


muvver said...

Hullo it's me again! I didn't know you still had your 'citc' hat,it really suits you, teehee. xxx

Annie said...

Ha ha ha, you're really in the addicted to knitting/crochet club now. It's about time you started a blog anyway,especially as you can't always make it to S 'n' B - I need to know what you're up to!

Emm@ said...

Well hello. Welcome to blogger!
Looking stunning in the Care In The Community Hat as always. Have added you to my blog links.