Friday, 28 December 2007

Looking Forward..

Hello! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.. I was a very lucky girl this year. Benn gave me a fab 1950's style Cath Kidston frame handbag, so what with that and the Mitford sisters' letters (a lovely 800+ pages.. yum!) I can swan about pretending to be Jessica Mitford! I also received the Spice Girls greatest hits, Knitted Icons (I'm going to adjust the Cher pattern and have a go at knitting an army of Amy Winehouses), Marine handmade me a beautiful knitting organiser-she sewed it all herself and everything!- a lovely kimono (amongst other things from Mum) and Gwen Stefani's perfume. I got *loads*, but it would be terribly boring to recount them here. Knitting has been on the back burner though, as have been preoccupied with said fantastic presents.

I have also eaten too much, so tomorrow a swim is in order, I think. Benn tried to get me to go to his posh gym, but I stuck my head in and it was a) too scary and b) the swimming pool was too tiny. So it's back to the Prince Regent. I'm willing to risk head lice and dive bombings for a 25m pool :)

This APD nonsense is starting to get daft now... school are going to wait to see how things turn out with the hearing therapist, but it looks like the best option would be to stick me in one room with a flashing light, instead of a bell (can you *imagine* the first time that goes off?) However, in order to do this, I need to register as disabled, which I'm not sure about. Also, this has a knock on effect in my driving- just as I was getting good! I need to inform the DVLA, who may issue me with a special driving licence, I will also have a specialised driving examiner and help for my theory (to be honest, all I would need would be a pen and paper)... that's if I'm *allowed* to drive. Argh.

Benn is going away overnight tomorrow, so I shall be marking and planning. Woo, what an exciting prospect. I need wine to contain my joy.

Night x

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