Saturday, 15 December 2007

It's the most wonderful time... lalala.

Hullo, long time no post. To be honest, work has been mad the last few weeks.. I've had four sets of reports to do, a parents evening, a course and two observations at school. Oh, and it appears that Christmas makes kids hyper. This has been an excruiciatingly long term of eight weeks and pupils can generallly cope with about seven until meltdown, so it's been 'interesting'. Needless to say, knitting (and any other 'fun' activity) has been on the backburner and will continue to be for another few days. *sigh*. Although the sombrero sock is halfway done and making me feel super clever. I love this pattern, so may make another pair for someone as a present in the new year.

I've started turning down party invites- I had two for last night which I turned down (it was lovely having the flat to myself, but annoying when I ran out of wrapping paper). I've also had to turn down various things next week, as both lack of energy and money do not a party animal make. However, I did attend the work's do (horrendous) and the Stitch and Bitch party (great, except I ate a pizza with lots of chillies and gave myself stomach ache). The SnB party was nice, as at the minute, I rarely get to go to meetings, so it was nice seeing everyone and, although neither Emma or myself were drinking, we were singing and letting off steam, which was nice. I also got a great Secret Santa present in the form of a book that has literally the answer to every knitting question you could ever ask for. Thanks Jo! I think my present of some Angels and Elephants sock yarn was well received, too.

I realised last night that most of my presents to friends this year are handmade (although not necessarily by me) and that was a nice thing to realise, as I like giving people things that are one offs...

Anyways, I must mark this year 10 coursework, as I would actually like some time this evening to read. Oh and we're popping upstairs to our neighbour's engagement party at three!

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