Sunday, 11 January 2009

A post in which I realise how much I miss Woolworths

I spent an hour and a half looking for a bun tray yesterday (the kind to make fairy cakes with) and ended up paying quite a lot for one :s Woolies, come back! My department have paid me to make them a batch of buns, so I made some very nice looking lemon drizzle ones which were a recipe of my own invention. I'm very proud!

I'm having a nightmare devising my snood. I've found that a scarf/hat combo is not always practical on the train, so I've been trying to knit one. Well, I did, until I realised it looked like a garish, flamboyant would be armed robber's balaclava. No cast off worked. So I've resorted to crocheting it instead. My yarn also arrived for my February Lady cardigan. Very excited about having a go at a cardi... I've bought red Freedom Spirit, which is lovely and I think will knit up well.

An exciting development- it looks like we may be going to Ireland in May. I am very excited, my mum's side of the family are from Cork and we will be staying there for a couple of days as well as a couple in Dublin. I can't wait!

I'm also waiting to hear if I've got an interview for a temporary promotion at work. Please keep your fingers crossed; it sounds like an interesting proposition and would mean a bit of extra money for a few months.

Remember Baldrick? We have now acquired him on a part time basis (despite what Benn says). He comes in during the day and plays with Bronte- they are very cute together and when I told the neighbour he was coming in, he gave me food! Benn doesn't like him coming in, but I don't mind him being here. I have a feeling that cats do what they please, regardless of what we think they should do!

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kyla said...

I wish you could send some of the food you are baking to me! They sound delightful! :)

I sent your letter out the other day. You should get it soon (if you haven't gotten it already). :)