Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Year's Resolutions

So, it's the time of year in which everyone makes resolutions and looks back on what they've achieved. Who am I to go against this noble tradition?

Things I did:

- moved house and got a cat
- went to Paris
- decided that I hated driving and it wasn't worth the misery carrying on (best decision EVER, seriously)
- passed my first year in teaching
- asked for help when I needed it
- kept my temper when dealing with a particularly difficult colleague
- started baking
-read 38 books

Things I want to achieve by this time next year:

- grow at least one edible tomato and one presentable flower
- bake some English muffins
- knit a full sized cardigan
- have actually started to write for publication again
- look after myself more
- spend less
- think before I speak
- bake an actual cake
- try and be positive through whatever life throws at me :)

Happy New Year! xx

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