Sunday, 27 January 2008

Racing so hard, you know it won't last...

Well, the week from hell is over (being randomly groped on the train, having 12 year olds being generally horrible and rushing to deadlines, whilst feeling generally rubbish) and I'm feeling positive about everything. I must say that it's an unusual feeling to have on a Sunday, but there you go.

I think the fact that I went out on Friday for a bit helped (along with the glasses of rose...) and yesterday was a lovely day has helped. Yesterday started with a much needed haircut- Natalie Imbruglia was stated as the inspiration, then the hairdresser (as much as I like her) went and ruined it by using Kym Ryder as a reference. *Sigh*.

I met Benn and we had a Thai lunch followed by Ben and Jerry's and Sweeney Todd, which I loved, even though I'm not a fan of gore. Yesterday was just the best day in ages.

Today has been tidying and sorting stuff for charity shops. Benn has this week off to decorate the kitchen and spruce up paintwork in time for estate agents. It's very exciting, but very scary too. I don't feel old enough to own property! Half term is a little over two weeks away, that's when it'll all kick off.

I'm looking forward to half term, I'm not going to make the same mistake I made at Christmas. Lots of knitting will get done, hopefully I will finish at least one project before then, am desperate to use my new sock yarn! Ooh, but I did actually knit on the train home on Friday, which is a first. Hurrah!

Right, off to buy paint xx

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Emm@ said...

Groped on the train???!!! Dear God.I had a random bloke come up to me in the post office this week and purposely tred on my toe. Weird.

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, though. Good.