Friday, 4 January 2008


So, the holidays are nearly over and I could do with another week off, really. I think I brought too much marking home with me this year, so this is something to think about in future. I went into school and thankfully the essays I was missing were on my desk underneath some general rubbish. I went with Amelia for coffee which was nice and avoided seeing any students, which is always a bonus :)

I still haven't started marking those essays yet, though. Am watching Jeremy Kyle (sort of) and reading my new book. I got a copy of this:, which is *amazing*. It makes me want to order a set of KnitPicks DPNS, if anyone can tell me if they're worth the money, I'd be grateful. It's a lot of money to spend on needles.

Baby cardi is coming along nicely, although I was right about the pattern being rubbish. Thankfully, Annie helped me out with that, so it's ok now. I just hope it comes together, I've never made a garment in my life.

Ugh, I'm tired.

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Emm@ said...

Ahh, glad you found the missing essays. I went to Crawley myself today and bought the same t-shirt as you in Primarche. Plus jumpers. And boots. And lots of other stuff I shouldn't have!

Have an early night, chickadee.