Thursday, 10 January 2008

These are a few of my favourite things..

I have walked around like a zombie all day, my shoulders ache. Ugh. However, to cheer me up and remind me that life is not all bad, here are some things I do like:

- pepperoni pizza
- knitting books. Love them so much, I have too many. I joke that's why we're moving.
- M&S fruit pastilles or Percy Pigs. I have to resist these on a daily basis, as there is a M&S in Brighton station. Not fair.
- making something for someone that they really love. I gave my mum the Forest Canopy shawl I made and she appears to like it, so result!
- getting home from a stressful day, putting on my pyjamas, drinking hot chocolate and reading or knitting.
-pyjamas. Especially with stars or stripes on them.
-brightly coloured socks
-my doc marten mary janes. Most. Comfortable.Shoes. EVER. That's important when you're teaching in a school of 2000 kids every day. You run. A lot.
-sleep. I would like to get some more, please.
- the interweb, particularly etsy, ravelry and blogs. I'm nosy!
- my bag I got for Christmas.
-spare time. Of which I have none tonight, so better skedaddle!

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