Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Well, first two days of school are over, hurrah! I am very tired though, I think it will be a couple of days until I'm right again (after which it will be the weekend and then the whole process will start again, but it gradually gets easier to get up in a morning, although Mondays are going to be hard until the summer).

I'm a bit pleased, as my awful sixth form media class are being taken off me for three weeks for one lesson a week, yay! It's just one less thing to worry about. I'm also pretty OK about those Much Ado essays I marked, as another teacher looked them over and said my marks looked about right, double yay! The next draft isn't due in for nearly two months, so I can concentrate on getting other stuff, like year 10 media coursework, sorted. They don't tell you about the marking in those 'Use your head. Teach.' adverts. Pah.

I'm a bit worried about my baby jacket- I've followed the pattern, and the best way that the sleeve will fit is sort of with a bit at an angle on the shoulder, which is a bit disconcerting. Is this OK/normal?

I am also now obsessed with old reruns of Who's Line is it Anyway from the early 90s.. good to knit/mark to, especially now Strictly Come Dancing is hibernating.

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Annie said...

Whose Line is it anyway is compulsory viewing in this house! Every evening at 7.00pm the TV gets flicked onto Dave and the laughing starts!