Sunday, 13 January 2008

Oh. Dear.

A knitting post, for once! After spending most of today working on school stuff, I decided to tackle The Knitting Corner. This is where I sit and is usually covered in a variety of yarns and tools (and the occasional tube of mascara, depending how much of a hurry I was to leave for work) and there is a magazine rack thing that was *supposed* to be for current projects and a box for yarn.

I have been very noble, I have given away or sold four skeins of Natural Dye Studio sock yarn this week. I couldn't possibly have too much left, could I? So, I set about tidying The Knitting Corner, thinking it would take, ooh, I don't know, fifteen minutes? The plan was to take the two projects I'm currently working on (sombrero socks and the baby jacket) into respective bags- my knittiotherapy sock work bag for the socks, the Cath Kidston knitting bag for the jacket. Put the yarn in the sack that the expensive handbag came in and the equipment in the big box. Sounds simple, right?

Wrong. It took 45 minutes, a lot of swearing and a lot of trips to the bin. It is achieved though, the magazine rack thing is ready for our 'we're moving so here's the stuff for the charity shop' collection, the equipment is either in my beautiful handmade needle roll (I'll have to post pics of that, my friend made it herself, she could sell them for a fortune and doesn't believe me) or in the box. And the wool? Oh, er, that's filled the huge sack and doesn't even count the bag of green cotton I have (I don't want it.. do you?) and various other bits that I know are on top of my wardrobe. That's next week's job.

In sad news, my sombrero sock had to be frogged, because I am an idiot. I feel quite sad, but will continue tonight. I am determined to not start anything else and I'm really not in the mood for crochet today.

Does all this mean my stash is out of control...?

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