Sunday, 20 January 2008

All the pretty things

Hullo. Busy, busy week, but life is steadily gaining a comfortable momentum, rather than the insane rush that I've experienced recently. It's not even 1pm and I've planned my lessons for tomorrow! Now that's what I call non-procrastination-of-work. I got up at 7.20 this morning for a disasterous driving lesson. Ugh. I went back to bed for a bit, I was so fed up. I'm now listening to No Doubt.

Yesterday was a good day off, I got a lot of knitting done (the sombreros are back, kids! Yay!), fired up by two sock yarn purchases:

Licquorice by Easy Knits ( Jon is really nice and you'll be supporting an independent spinner/dyer)

and Saucy Stripes by Woolhunter on eBay. This is for a pair of socks for my sis (she doesn't read the blog, so s'ok):
saucy stripes

Both are Blue Faced Leicester, which apparently is one of the best yarns for socks. They're gorgeous, aren't they? I just have to decide which patterns I'm going to used (curses the lack of a printer). I've also joined a group on Ravelry for 'Selfish Knitters'. This will be interesting, as I've given away almost everything I've ever made. I've decided not to make stuff for people unless I think they'll appreciate it. Also, I will probably end up knitting for myself during term time, as I only have a limited time during the week to myself.

Other news, I was swimming at 9 yesterday and pleased myself with my progress. Slowly but surely, best way. Met Katie in Rock Ola, which is a mad little cafe off the Brighton tourist stomp. It's basically a greasy spoon with lots of Elvis memorabilia, it's ace. She's feeling guilty cos she's accepted a story commision from 'Knitting'. She feels bad because of the way they treated me and Sandra, but we'll see whether the column gets recommissioned. I'm not bothered though.

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Emm@ said...

Rock Ola totally, well, rocks.
I love that Liquorice yarn. Yum.