Sunday, 1 June 2008

A very strange week indeed...

Hello! I figured I should post as I haven't for just over a week. It has been a bit weird this week, good weird and bad weird, but strange all the same.

Benn went on a course in Birmingham on Monday until Wednesday, which meant that, due to both our downstairs AND upstairs neighbours moving out last weekend and the flat opposite us being empty for months, I was pretty much on my own in the building (and not at all freaked out, oh no. Not one bit. At all.) This intensified when, on Tuesday night, there was a *huge* storm which frightened me half to death and sounded like there had been an explosion on my street.

I mostly baked, repotted plants and generally pottered around Brighton while he was away, ate too much junk food and drank too much Diet Coke. Oh, but I did pass my driving theory test first time :) That was *fun*, as I'd thought it was on Thursday, only to discover at 3pm Monday that it was at 8am WEDNESDAY and I hadn't done any revision. That was a fun Tuesday...!

I also locked myself out for eight hours on Wednesday and then remembered that Benn's last words to me on Monday had been "Oh, I don't need to take keys, do I?" Cue frantic phonecall to his mum and me camping out in Starbucks for two hours, knitting and snarling at teenagers.

Other than that, it's been a fairly relaxed week. I've done very little school work, which I think I needed a break from, as I have been so exhausted. I'm also starting to look forward to the summer break, as I didn't get one last year, as I was temping. (Yes, I know I haven't gone back yet, but I need *something* to get me through the next seven and a half weeks!) I have a feeling that this half term could go very quickly, which would be nice. At least I'm back to normal emotionally!

I've also started to work out what needs knitting for whom for when in December. I think this year will be shawls and mittens mostly, with most of the rest coming off etsy. I know it's early, but I guess I need to be organised, as I never manage to get everything done that I would like. I'm knitting some Kaffe Fassett socks and I'm wondering if that sort of thing would go down well, as they have been so easy and worked so well.

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yogicknitter said...

Congrats on passing your theory test. Step 1 done. Glad to hear you didn't do too much school work over the holidays.