Saturday, 21 June 2008

In which I do something entirely different...

Meet Esmerelda:

I bought the sewing machine today and Emma decided to call her Esmerelda. I think it's a fitting name for a sewing machine. Don't you? I've saved up for a sewing machine for ages, so it was quite nice to finally get one. I figure that if I can knit and crochet, I can sew, right?
The picture above is the resulting mess (which I have yet to tidy up actually... must do before Benn gets home) I basically bought a load of remnants and played with them. I decided to make Emma a pin cushion, as she bought me some posh cupcakes in a shop in the Laines. They were very nice.

It took ages to work out what I was doing, but I finally worked out how to wind a bobbin (all the time actually singing 'Wind the Bobbin Up', I was amazed at how words I haven't sung since nursery came spilling out..!) I practiced loads of seams and back stitch. I still haven't got it to pat, but I did manage to make:

One dotty pin cushion. It took about two hours to work out what to do and I did have to close it with hand stitching, but I think it looks darn good for a first sewing project. I'm toying with making a tote bag, but I have hundreds of bags, so I'm not sure. In the book I have, there are some amazing patterns and I would like to have a go at a wrap around skirt, so I may have a go at one in the next couple of weeks. My aim is to make a dress similar to one the one I bought a couple of months ago by the end of September.

Benn is a bit bemused by all of my crafts stuff. I am the messiest slob in the world normally, but stuff like this and baking and growing plants fascinates me. Benn is also going away for five days with work again, so I will have plenty of time for sewing this week, without annoying anyone (except maybe Douglas!) or getting in anyone's way.


peri said...

I think that looks pretty awesome for a first go. I love my sewing machine, but the dress I cut out and tailor tacked last summer still languishes on the top of the machine, untouched. My 'round-to-it' is MIA.

Katie said...

Yay, Esmerelda looks lovely. I had another attempt at making a frock last weekend, had to send it to my mum for emergency surgery. It now fits, but you can still see my knickers through it...

Tea soon? x