Sunday, 17 February 2008

What do a Sombrero and a trifle have in common??

They are both finished objects in this house as of today!!

I am being a very Domestic Goddess (whilst avoiding the washing up) and have finished my sombrero socks. They have taken a while due to Christmas and birthday knitting/crochet. The pattern in Jon at Easy Knits and the yarn is Easy Knits 'Ruby Slippers'. It's lovely to work with and the end result is a nice thick sock, which I shall enjoy padding around in:

(ps- the white fluff? Didn't notice it was there until just now. Sigh.) The pattern is really a lovely easy let's-combine-lace-and-socks pattern, which my photo doesn't really do justice to.

Secondly, I made this:
I am stupidly proud of this, because usually I mess this kind of thing up. I know trifle is basic, but I.just.don' I'm also making egg fried rice tonight, which is from a super healthy recipe and is very nice. I don't care that trifle and egg fried rice don't go togther.

I suppose this means I have to finish the baby sweater from hell now.

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