Wednesday, 6 February 2008

How exciting!

Well, I might be chasing up some payment for journalism that has mysteriously gone awry and having to answer DVLA medical questionnaires and be running out of money, but d'you know what?? I'm excited all the same, for a variety of reasons:

1) Benn got the promotion!! Yay! He was a bit reluctant at first, because it means he will have to commute to Croydon, but at least if a vacancy appears in the Brighton office, he still has the opportunity to transfer, rather than go through the whole rigmarole of interview again.

2) We have estate agents coming round tomorrow and Friday.. eek! It is all becoming *way* too real now- in a matter of months I could actually be a property owner of some kind. Although I have just found out that the neighbours across the way are also selling their flat. Ours is nicer, I think, but they have a poky little garden. We shall see.

3) I am quite comfortable with my work load, I've caught up after my sick day and everything is going at a good pace. I know it won't last, but I will take advantage as it is here. So knitting and TV tonight then :)

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