Thursday, 21 February 2008


This week I have knitted myself a little turquoise beanie, which is short but sweet. Am very happy, I will have to post a pic soon, when I remember!

I am also in the process of knitting my sister's socks.. the pattern is 'Waving Lace' from 'Favorite Socks' (I have to really resist the urge to correct that spelling!) and I'm using the 'Saucy' yarn from Woolhunter. Now, Em's birthday is in April, but I have a feeling she'll get these in December, seeing as my progress is slooooooooooooooow. But I have good feelings about these socks.

We saw two flats yesterday and I have fallen in love with one, which is naughty, I shouldn't have at this point. The only bad thing about this flat is that is on top of a huge hill; it fulfills every other box that needs ticking. I only hope someone likes our little flat enough to put in an offer. Apparently the couple the other day liked it, but they'd only just started looking. We shall see.

If you're interested, I went to the dentist today and left with a new filling- no root canal, no chavvy inlay, £94 cheaper than originally planned. Hurrah! However, I am now waiting for painkillers to kick in and for a bowl of Cheerios to soak in milk, so I can eat. Nice. I watched a programme on the BBC about self help the other day and found myself chanting stuff in my head in preparation that I'd picked up! I thought I was watching Alan Yentob rather passively, obviously not...! Although I don't think my fear is fully gone, I do feel more confident about dentistry and my dentist is nice (she even turned up the radio after I said it was the sound of the drill that I didn't like. Unfortunately, the song was Lionel Ritchie... I'm not sure I wouldn't have preferred a root canal..)

I'm feeling very thoughtful, and a bit tired. Listening to Ray Lamontagne and Jose Gonzales probably isn't helping...

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