Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Well, today has been a bit of a mad 'un, really! We don't really *do* Valentines Day in our house, as it's Benn's birthday in two weeks and mine two weeks after that (just to let you know that I will get more and more excited the nearer the 14th March becomes. I'm worse than a six-year-old) This has not stopped it being a busy day though.

1) As Benn and I opened our cards, we were a bit worried... they looked frighteningly similar. Cue worries looks and then sighs of relief when we realised that they were from the same range, but not the same design. Phew! We have been living together too long! We enjoyed a curry, despite the fact that I nearly spilt my wine over myself and did end up with prawn dansak on the work trousers I intended to wear tomorrow. Sigh.

2) I stupidly agreed to play a potential 'date' in a comedy Blind Date thing organised by the sixth form. Despite playing it purely for laughs and having a stereotypical northern persona, I got picked. Which will a) cause some of my year 9s to think I'm having an affair with the teacher, which until now I had the opportunity to deny and b) my sixth formers will never let me live it down. Oh, and the 'picker' hugged waaaaaay too long! Blimey! And it's on video, ugh.

3) Today is the last day I can comfortably slob around the flat. It is on the market as of tomorrow... eek! The solicitor is instructed, the agent is coming round to measure up and we're getting ready to move. We're even viewing a flat on Saturday and looking at Burgess Hill as a potential moving into area.

4) I am having to register with a new dentist. Yet again I will spend another holiday schlepping to and fro the dental chair, having pulled out a filling by eating a 10p chew. Damn.

5) I am getting yarn withdrawal. I don't care that I have loads knocking around. I need more. I think yarn is exempt from Benn's 'don't buy anything before your birthday' mantra. Right?

6) It's half term tomorrow! Yay!

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