Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Really Quite Cross (and a little bit scared)

I just got back from the dentist. I didn't pull a filling out- good.

I do have extensive decay under a filling that may require root canal work and lots of money I don't have- bad.

I started crying as soon as the dentist told me. I am really, really, really terrified of dental work, all down to a bad experience when I was 16. It is actually untrue how scared I am of this type of thing. I feel sick. I am actually really angry as well, because Idiot Dentist (i.e. the old one) didn't pick up on this and if it is so bad (it is, even I understood the x-ray) why did he not sort it out six months ago? Saying that the decay is under a filling, so you didn't spot it is NO excuse when you are a dentist and this is your job.

The upshot is that now I have to go back on Thursday and have the filling removed and the tooth 'explored'. The dentist has promised she will try and save it without doing surgery, but that this requires an inlay. This is better than a filling. Oh, and it's in gold. So I'll be paying £200 to look like a bloody chav. I am very cross.

I have written a very long email to the man who is charge of dentists in Brighton. Because Idiot Dentist ignored the first letter I wrote (they're supposed to write back within ten days... this was three months ago nearly). I am sorry for the rant, I'm just a bit annoyed. Well, a lot annoyed, actually.

There is some good news though- we have actual people wanting to come and view the flat in an hour. I'm going out.

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morgan said...

I know how you're feeling! after years of one terrible dentist after another, and my teeth being very bad, I've now found a good dentist who has made all the difference - but the fear is still there, after years of bad treatment and pain

so I'll send you a bit of courage, get that work done as much as possible, and smile ;)