Saturday, 3 May 2008


Sorry I have been a bad blogger, life has been a little dramatic and hectic round here lately. I'm in the middle of preparing for exam season and the SATs kick off on Tuesday, so I'm hoping my year 9s will make me proud :)

So what have I been doing? Well, I started knitting 'Ziggy' from Knit on the Net and wondering why the hell I keep choosing lace, as it's not so good when I'm tired, which is often at the moment. It's quite a challenge, but I'm getting there with it. The Tuscany shawl and I are having a break....

My plants are coming along nicely. I now have about 20 tomato seedlings, two *huge* sweet peas and a few chilli plants coming through, which is all rather exciting, I hope to use my tomatoes and chillis in my cooking!

We decided to take the flat off the market, which makes me a bit sad. We've always planned to move this year, but it just wasn't happening and Benn and I were at odds about a rental place, so we're staying here until the market picks up. Which means I have 20 tomato seedlings, two sweet peas and a few chilli plants in a one bedroom, no garden flat. I've persuaded Benn's mum to let me put them in her garden for now and hopefully, I might be able to get an allotment at some point.

It's nearly the summer!


PrincessPea said...

House market sucks at the moment. Sorry you're affected by it.

But the seedlings, how exciting! Don't you feel like they're your little babies that you've made? I started growing veggies last year, and the pleasure of cropping and eating them was really wonderful.

peri said...

Allotments around Brighton are like hens teeth - last summer they closed the waiting list because it was a 2 year + wait! You could contact the co-op at Stanmer Park they sometimes have or know of spaces available. Hope you find your green space soon.