Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Back to normality...

Hello! Apologies for the incredibly downbeat/frustrated post the other day. I feel much better and, dare I say it, the most normal I have done in a fortnight (although I'm never *that* normal!) Also, thanks for the comments. I promise normal service will resume..

Due to the football, I have the flat to myself. This means a bath-and trying to finish sodding 'Atonement'... although I am liking it a *bit* more, I admit- knitting and Suralan, although I have promised to tape it.

Add to that we break up tomorrow, that means a week of knitting. I'm planning on starting something from Victorian Lace Today for my grandma, as she wants a shoulder shawl and there are some lovely ones in there. I have to choose which one, which will be hard! I'll also be marking and sorting out my flourishing window garden.

I was also really pleased by the AS lit question my students were asked today. Hopefully they should have been able to answer it with their eyes closed and do me proud... another weight of my shoulders. Other things that I was paranoid about haven't come to pass, so you know, I was a bit mad.

But the exciting news? I can't remember if I have said on here about me never going abroad on holiday (well, I went once to France for three days with school=hell on a hot coach), butbutbut I may be going to Paris with a friend from work! For two nights when Benn is on cricket tour!! How exciting?! Any suggestions of places to visit/eat most welcome!


yogicknitter said...

Paris is wonderful any time of year. The last time I went I was 20 weeks PG. I guess you ought to think about googling any yarn shops and then plan your visit around those! LOL. Glad you are feeling a bit better, I was going to suggest the sixth form cycle around the Isle of Wight as something to lift the mood! Actually do they still do that with Mr Parry?

yogicknitter said...

I have tagged you. You need to go and read my blog at for the rules.