Thursday, 17 April 2008

Total Procrastination and Carbohydrates

I am in self-imposed house-boundedness today. However, it's not working, because, rather than doing school work, I'm on here. Or Ravelry. Or I am also eating a lot of toast, so that I don't walk down to the shop and buy chilli kettle chips. I do know that if I just got my head down, I would be able to get stuff done in a couple of hours. I have to admit it- I'm bored and lazy and neither state is good. I need my routine back, dammit!

Oh, this may have followed me home on Tuesday:

This is the print of the dress. I love it, it makes me feel like Ava Gardener or someone..

The Lost in Music coverup has gone by the way- I was getting confused and it was a terrible mess, so I changed tack and decided to start crocheting 'Cold Shoulder' from The Happy Hooker. So far it looks like this:

It's going to be worn with the dress at the wedding in a couple of months. I think it's a nice match, don't you?

I'm going back to toast and marking (Freudian slip- I just wrote knitting then.. Wishful thinking.)


Emm@ said...

Dude!!! Where is that dress from??!!!! I want big time!!!

Seedlings OK?

Katie said...

Hey miss

Enjoyed tea in Capers the other day... my blog is

Katie x