Monday, 14 April 2008

I am a domestic goddess...

So, Em went back to Birmingham after a fab weekend! She also went with two chocolate brownies in her bag.

I was at a loose end today so I made these (translation: I was hiding from marking. Again.)

They're parmesan and sundried tomato rolls. I ate two and sent two to the Gatwick Parcel Force man who has been helping me sort out a stolen package. He seemed happy, so I'm hoping he'll sort it out with a carbohydrate-bribe-incentive (he did actually ring and say thanks!) :D So there's only six left and they're a surprise for Benn..

I also started a 'Lost in Music' inspired cover up (basically, I'm lazy and am doing it garter stitch/yarn over, rather than stocking stitch). I'm doing it in light blue Rowan cotton:

(photo is rubbish, BTW, but you know, it's just a start!)

and I'm hoping it will go with this dress:

in a blue print with garden birds on it.

It's my intended dress for a wedding we're going to in July. Benn doesn't think the dress is appropriate for a wedding. I think it's the only way I *will* wear a dress, wedding or otherwise!


yogicknitter said...

The dress looks perfect for a wedding. I would wear it.

PrincessPea said...

Gorgeous dress. I'd wear it for anything...

peri said...

Totally agree with princesspea and yogicknitter - that dress is made for a wedding - tis lovely.