Sunday, 2 March 2008


So, I am very tired. This week has been busy, busy and I have had to hit the ground running.

1)Benn's birthday was a success, he loves his new MP3 player, which was a relief after the Great Tie Disaster at Christmas...

2) Literature coursework marking has come round again, meaning that I am stressing about that. However, my year 12 trip to London to see the Importance of Being Earnest is all sorted, so that's exciting.

3) I should really be finishing putting together The Baby Jacket From Hell as the baby is due this week sometime.

4) I really want some bamboo sock yarn, as I don't think Benn will pick up the hint that I would like some for my birthday. Any recommendations welcome.

5) I am completely obessessed with The Tudors. I rented the first series from LoveFilm and it is *amazing*, if a bit rude. Lots of buttocks and cleavage. But I highly recommend it for knitting to!

6) I really want the flat to sell. Bored of selling now. We had another viewing, I'm hoping the weather improving will help. Patience is not my most immediate virtue.

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