Sunday, 9 March 2008

Malabrigo, Dogs and General Excitement..

This week has been particularly long and stressful and the coming week has the potential to be too (Horrendous weather meaning kids will be hyper? year 12 parents' evening? Impromptu trip to the Globe on Thursday night? Leaving Do/my birthday Friday? My birthday meal Saturday? What do you mean, I need sleep?!)

So, yeah, busy. BUT, I did get some knitting related work done. Look!:

grace's jacket

Grace arrived on Wednesday, so I reckoned I better get a wiggle on with The Baby Jacket From Hell. I think it looks OK (you can't tell that I haven't weaved the ends in yet.. shhhhh!) This pattern was badly written and ergo, hell. So I'm pleased it's finished. And did you realise that flower buttons are *really* hard to find?

I also received some of this lusciousness:


Malabrigo lace in Little Lovely. I've cast on the Tuscany shawl from 'No Sheep For You' (yes, I know Malabrigo has sheep in it.) It is beautiful and so soft. Perfect for a shawl. And I have discovered a love of lace knitting, which is unusual, as I find it quite mathamatical and I generally don't like numbers. I think that the satisfaction I get is worth it.

Oh, and Crufts was on and a giant Shnauzer won. I have decided that when I grow up, I would like a Tibetan Spaniel as they are quite cute.

So, next time I write (presuming it will be a usual Sunday night update), I shall be 24!!

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