Sunday, 16 March 2008

Birthday Shenanigans


Well, I have survived my birthday without so much as a hangover, which is lucky! I myself was very lucky, I received so much more than I was expecting. Benn gave me a pair of Birkenstocks (I love this so much, I would wear them in the rain if he would let me!!), my mum sent some lovely smellies and a photoframe, Benn's parents gave me the Vogue Sock Book (it's amazing), I was given some Kaffe Fassett sock yarn and a Cath Kidston bag by Emma, some knitting books from Marine and Family Guy on DVD from Jeni, amongst other things- I won't bore you with everything, but I am grateful for it all... I also received a lot of chocolate, which is nice, especially as most of it was given to me by my pupils (I was also 'serenaded' four times by various groups of students. My favourite was my sixth form, where even the boys joined in, albeit unenthusiastically and my year 9s, who had obviously all decided my name was Sarah and sang so rather loudly).

Fabio's leaving do was on Friday and was a very boozy affair, Benn and I left early (I may have forgotten the alcoholic content in vodka and cranberry quite early on) and enjoyed some gnocchi in a little italian restaurant. Yesterday was a more hectic affair, in which I went to the hairdressers and we then went and met Grace to give her her jacket. Oh and she farted rather loudly whilst on my lap. I swear I felt the nappy reverberate. Needless to say, she is far too tiny for her jacket, but as my mum is fond of saying, 'she'll grow into it'.

Last night was a very civilised meal with all of my Brighton friends and it was lovely. Pizza Express and cocktails at Las Iguanas was a perfect idea and I really enjoyed myself. I think the guests did too, so that was nice.

And then today is the comedown. I've spent a lot of time writing cover sheets for the sixth form, I'm not sure whether I'm being too detailed, but I reckon too detailed is better than not enough.

I'm really looking forward to a spectacularly *dull* weekend next week with lots of knitting and rest. And do you know what? I can't think of anything better!!

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