Saturday, 15 October 2011

An update about life in general

Oh, how does time fly so quickly? In August, when I last posted, I was happily embroidering with neary a care in the world. Then life just gets busy and I neglect my blogs. Again.

So, the new school term started and, joy of joys, my timetable changed every week. Brilliant. So I've had the usual back to school exhaustion, coupled with some very stressful confusion. Not great. But I am trying to keep my head above water and get on with it. My classes aren't bad and I'm teaching some interesting stuff. It'll soon be half term and Benn has the week off. (AND I bought some undyed sock yarn that will become approximations of colourways in expensive brands. Hooray!)

I've also been working feverishly away at creating stock for Brighton Craftaganza on December 10th. I'm knitting some scarves and doing a lot of stitching, so that hopefully I will have something worth selling on the day! We shall see. I'll post pictures nearer the time.

Writing has been pretty neglected because of all this- the creative stuff has just gone out the window, so I'm hoping that that can be revived once all the madness has died down. I still write down snippets that come to me- but they usually arrive in my brain when I'm out walking or half asleep and too lazy to reach for pen and paper.

I have managed to write some bits for a couple of blogs- this piece on crafting and feminism for Bad Reputation and one on the Bookseller that will hopefully be live in a few days' time. I'm thinking of setting up a website as a place to put all my writing in one place, which might be a good way of getting new writing work. Any ideas/recommendations welcome!

The big project I've embarked on (which you will know about if you follow my Twitter feed!) is Ladies in Monochrome. I started picking up pictures in junk shops and decided to stick them on the internet. So everyday, a new picture goes up. It's costing me a fortune, but it's a very enjoyable way to do so!

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