Sunday, 23 October 2011

I meet Caitlin Moran and make some decisions

So, it's been an interesting week here- work was incredibly stressful, so there's a well earned break ahead (in which I don't have to get up at 5.45 am, yessssssssss!) But it's been interesting nonetheless. On Friday, I met this lady:
When I say 'met', I actually mean "saw her across the road from Starbucks eating soup and waiting for her family, so I ran and accosted her." It is, of course, the terribly funny Caitlin Moran (and she's nice- she didn't even get me arrested and was very charming. Buy her book!) She was lovely and chatted with me about feminism, the book and how I should have bet my friends money that I would actually go and see her. I love her writing and it's great to see that she's as funny and warm in person as in print.

But this also got me thinking- why couldn't I try and get more writing work? At the moment, I'm working part time, so I do have time to do more writing work- I keep doing bits and pieces, but if it's to really take off, I need to do more of it (preferably paid...) Writing is my first love and the thing I enjoy doing most. So I've been looking into setting up my own website, showing off the work I've been doing, on and off, for the last ten years. It may not work, but I have to try, right?

Speaking of writing, I've had another piece published by the Bookseller (I have my teacher hat on for it and I must get a new, up-to-date picture done. Maybe once I've had my hair done on Friday. I'm hoping for a Louise Brookes bob, but I'll probably end up with Bride of Frankenstein) Anyway, it's a piece about using graphic novels in schools, an idea that I'm firmly in favour of.

So, yeah. The thinking hat is firmly on.

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