Monday, 19 October 2009

My cat is giving me evils...

...well, we did de-flea her about 20 minutes ago and she's refusing to have anything to do with either of us. Literally, we're getting the cold shoulder at the minute. If she will insist on going out though..

I think the meds have kicked into gear again; I'm more positive and less stressed- even getting up this morning in near-pitch-black-ness didn't get me down. I'm taking everything in my stride and, whilst I wish I didn't have to rely on the tablets, at least I'm a functioning human being. I've been getting a lift to and from work too, which is probably helping loads in that area.

Talking of functioning, I've been knitting up a storm; a surprise for a swap I'm participating in and Colonnade from Knitty. It's unusual for me to have two projects that I'm working on simultaneously. I'm pleased with the progress in both, but I have to stop the total perfectionism from ruining items that are, really, OK.

Bunny planning is going well, I've picked out a hutch, researched all the bits and pieces and getting everything ready. The only problem is, I lost my debit card last week, so I can't buy anything :( I'm an idiot, but at least it means I'll have to wait til payday on Friday!

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