Saturday, 3 October 2009


So today really feels like autumn has hit and I'm loving it. It's getting dark out, the wind is howling and I just cooked roast chicken and vegetables for the first time in months. Lovely. It also means I can now justifiably wear hats and scarves :)

In other news, I'm back on the meds :( I have been for about two weeks and things are much better. If I'm honest, I just wasn't coping very well with being back at school and it was the sensible option. I'm not thrilled, but I'll deal with it. The upshot of going back on them has been some *very* vivid dreams, which stay with me for whole days. I'm keeping track of them in my (sometime) journal.

I've also persuaded Benn to let me get a rabbit! I've wanted a house rabbit forever, so I'm planning on putting a deposit down on a chocolate otter mini lop. The vet said, rather ominously, that Bronts and the bunny will get on rather well as "The rabbit always wins..." The rabbit will live in the sheltered part of our garden, but will come into the house when I'm home. I can't wait. I'll post pics asap.

I need to catch up with emails and letter writing- the last two weeks have been...odd, to say the least, for obvious reasons.

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