Sunday, 16 August 2009

What a week

This week has been a bit mad, so I'm going to break it down.

Good things:

- The family came down for five days and we had a jolly time. I also met my mum's dog, Sam, who is actually OK for a canine. However, am still fully a cat person if I may say so (which I can, because it's my blog...!)

- Em brought down the entire box set of Buffy. Result!

- I discovered that I am happy just knitting 'plain' socks, as I like the ways the colours work. What's the point in distracting myself further?

- I made a pair of respectable looking cushion covers- my one sewing lesson so far has paid dividends

- I have fully come off my meds and finished my CBT. Hurrah!

Bad bits:

- I fell in the middle of Brighton, whilst wearing a skirt. Thankfully, a gaggle of Spanish students came to my aid. I may have accidentally flashed my pants. Oops. I have been hobbling round in pain since Friday, but it's getting better. It's amazing how many muscles hurt.

- I am feeling that I am becoming increasingly anti-social. I'm not sure why, but I find it hard to be around people at the moment. I'm forcing myself into social situations, but I'm also fighting the instinct to curl up and hide.

- There's not long left of the holidays :(

1 comment:

peri said...

I understand, fully, the antisocial bit. I am often like that but I just blame my agoraphobia - lol.

Hope you are OK - falls always discombobulate me, I think it is the shock of falling. As adults it becomes more of a rare occasion and so we loose our kid ability to bounce.

Take care.