Monday, 31 August 2009

I really shouldn't...

...write when I'm tired. But I can't help it. I've been working on my Irish women article for an actual magazine for a while now. I've had some inspiration and have been pootling merrily along, trying not to completely plagerise the books I've been using and then it hits me.

This article is probably rubbish.

The little demon of doubt comes into my head and goes "but should you just focus on this area? Won't it be rubbish if you go on? How can you go on? Aren't you jumping from paragraph to paragraph? Call yourself an English teacher with THAT grammar? Oooh, do you think someone will sue you for this article? Are you ripping off someone else's ideas?" (Actually- the answer to the last two is no.)


And then, I'm not helping myself by realising that if you go on Ravelry and look up 'yarn', the first listings of a particular type are ones available for trade/sell. Let's just say I'm obviously helping an economy somewhere with that one.

I should go to bed. Even the cat is snoring.


KGLO said...

Oh goodness, I know exactly what you mean. I was furiously finishing a research paper when I realized that one of the articles I had intended to use was complete nonsense and utterly irrelevant. How does that happen? And my husband often teases me about my poor grammar as well - I try to point out that I am a literature teacher, not an editor.

Cheer up! :)

Anonymous said...

The little demon of doubt, oh yes he's a nasty little bugger. Wish I had any good advice to share but like you said don't write (or read what you wrote) when you're tired or in a bad mood.