Thursday, 2 October 2008

Can I Have My Life Back, Please?

Uh, I am tired! Seriously, I have to really keep myself going with the use of caffeine and sugar most days and it is not. good. I suffered from a bout of seriously low morale earlier this week, so I'm not sure what I'll do to fix that long term. I'm considering all options, as they say.

Other than that, things are OK. I took Bronte to have her jabs on Saturday, we went to a cat-only vet(!) where she was given a green catnip mouse for being good! It was quite nice to go without being on the receiving end of a Rottweiler's death stare, actually. She's doing well, actually, although desperate to go outside (she can't until we've completed her injections in a fortnight and then we have to keep her in for a week after that to be on the safe side, so the first weekend of half term is when the happy day arrives!) She was driving Benn mad yesterday and the day before- he's been off sick and an over-enthuasiastic cat was not the thing he needed. She has mad mornings where she runs everywhere and jumps after phantom objects. In fact, she just made the same weird clucking noise she does when she's watching the birds... whilst stalking my tube of mascara. Seriously.

I got a huge package the other day, too. It was a Travelling Tea Box that came from Germany and I have to send it on tomorrow to the next person. You take a few bits out and replace them with stuff you've bought. It's filled with amazing stuff like yarn, tea and chocolate, and I had to restrain myself from taking a lot of stuff, but I'm regretting taking one thing- I always seem to pick the teas from the US that don't send here.. *sigh* It's like peanut butter M&Ms all over again... But I also took a pair of Knit Picks Harmonies and some Heather yarn that's kind of green and black, as well as some chai tea latte sachets (I am *addicted* to chai lattes after discovering them last week- they taste like Christmas!) and a thing that you put used tea bags in.

I'm loving autumn though; I'm seriously debating hauling my winter coat out, it's been so cold the last couple of mornings and my little green jacket just isn't covering it. I love coming home and making a cup of tea and just reading my emails (occassionally this is let down by the fact I have to do some school work..) I also bought the entire four series of Blackadder on DVD, so that's ace too. Oh and I'm working on my beret still, although it's slow progress!

Benn is going away next week, so I will have lots of time to do stuff like that and also a slightly deranged cat to keep me company. Yay!

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yogicknitter said...

Hang in there this time of term is always completely manic and crap. I have had two lots of tears with my colleagues already. It all gets better after half term when the balance seems to redress itself.
The tea chest sounds fab. Harmony knitpicks are awesome.