Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Yes, I decided to use this blog again! I figure it's a good way to keep track of my crafting.

I've been setting up a list of things I would like to make, now that Craftaganza has ended for the time being (we did brilliantly! Weird thinking about people paying for my stuff, but I'm not complaining...) We're not even at Christmas and already I'm planning ahead. I've not made much in the way of presents this year, with the exception of some (requested) bed socks for my auntie.

So, my future projects, in no particular order:

William Morris 'Bird' tapestry- I'm also toying with some William Morris inspired cross-stitch too.
Trousseau shawl
Alice in Wonderland mittens

Throw in some bog standard socks, a few from a couple of books I have and whatever else pops up and I'm sure you'll agree I have quite a bit on my plate!

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