Sunday, 21 June 2009

Longest Day of the Year...

So, it's 9pm and I'm sat here with a cup of tea, a burning candle and Bat for Lashes on the stereo. It all feels very.... ethereal, I guess. I don't feel depressed when the longest day has been and gone; I quite like the nights slowly drawing in. I'm not genetically built for summer- pale skin, red hair and freckles equal sunburn paranoia. I love autumn. But I guess by November I'll be wishing for summer again. I'm never happy with what I have..!

Benn is due back from cricket soon and I'm glad. The intense pain I get in my side is back and I hate being on my own when it hits me :( Seriously, it's like being stabbed in the side and the pain is so intense, I go all hot and cold. It's worse when I'm teaching and it happens; it's hard to keep my face straight. Thankfully I'm going to the hospital to have it checked out on Wednesday. I'm a bit nervous, as I don't know what they'll do. *Sigh*. The pain has been with me on and off for nearly three years and it's only now it's being taken seriously. We'll see.

So, I spent the longest day of the year knitting and watching season 2 of Buffy. I like to say it's for the new unit I'm writing for Media Studies (a study of how the changing faces of Batman/the Joker or the presentation of Buffy show changing attitudes of society) but who am I kidding? I want to finish my socks and relive my teenage years.

Oh, and my sweet peas have flowered! I don't know if you remember the fiasco of last year, but today a bright red/pink flower bloomed and cheered me up no end. I need to get a little posy vase to put them in. I'll have a look when I venture on my hunt for tea caddies at the weekend (don't ask!)

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