Saturday, 11 April 2009

Je suis un blogger terrible


I have been a rubbish blogger and I haven't really had an excuse as to why, except that my life is not terribly interesting and neither am I :) (See my tweets for the evidence of that- and the stalking of Stephen Fry..)

So, in the last month, the following events have happened:

1) My birthday. Which was very good and involved a HUGE cake. I was very spoilt overall.

2) I finally finished a project! Woo! Think it's the first one of this year- my mum's shawl. Shall post pics soon. Have nearly finished my February Lady too. Woot!

3) Baldrick was left by my neighbour as he went on holiday. We vaguely knew that he was going away, but didn't know where or for how long, until last Wednesday I found a note and some cat food outside our door. The cat has now moved in (we don't have a key to upstairs and we didn't want to force him outside all the time), has been deflea'd and claimed a place on the sofa, much to Bronte's disgust. I have found out-finally- that the neighbour is coming back on the 24th. Whether Balders will go back upstairs on this date is debatable. Benn is still not happy about the additional cat, but yesterday I caught him stroking Baldrick on his lap. Benn then spent the rest of the evening apologising to Bronte. *Sigh*.

5) Work has been exhausting. As it usually is at this time of year.

6) I visited the Tower of London. Again, I will post photos soon.

7) I have read all four of the Twilight books. I look forward to normal service resuming in terms of my literary pursuits. And I may just send Stephenie Meyer a thesaurus, so that she can find another word for 'smug'. Seriously, I've never seen a word so overused in all my life. Has she not heard of 'self-satisfied'? 'Pleased with oneself'? (Goes to thesaurus..) 'Pompous'? Arrrrrrrrrgh.

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