Thursday, 4 September 2008

Nice Things...

Thanks for all the nice comments about Doug. He was buried on Sunday in our new garden in a L'Occitane box and we put a couple of bulbs in with him, so come spring there'll be a few flowers.

Anyway, I promised you a summary of my summer, especially as I'm back in the old routine from tomorrow when the kids are back.

1) We moved. This has provided quite a bit of, er, hilarity. Our flat has a very narrow, stupidly designed hallway. Needless to say, after dealing with a washing machine that the delivery men refused to move (leaving me and my sister to try and do it ourselves) and dealing with a ready-built bookcase, we have damaged the walls. I will be spending a weekend soon repairing them to their former glory. We also have a garden and a bird feeder! Alas, the mere acquisition of this garden appears to have scuppered any chance of nice British weather. Sorry about that.

2) I went to Paris and Haworth! I walked up the Eiffel Tower! I was actually quite surprised that everywhere in Paris I was applicable for concessionary rates (you pay adult fares at 25, so I was six months too young, hurrah!) I also saw actual Van Gogh paintings at the Musee D'Orsay and the cell where Marie Antoinette was held before her execution. I read a biography afterwards and felt incredibly sad when I got to that bit.

Haworth was a more sedate visit and it was lovely. I've been there loads, though, so I'm familiar with a lot of it.

3) We got a cat! This is Bronte:

She's a rescue cat. Can you believe that she's a year old? She was basically used as kitten-making-machine (her last litter wasn't that long ago, by the looks) and was given up after the last lot. Thankfully she is now spayed! We'd been planning on getting a cat for ages and the new flat meant that we could finally do it. We were originally going to get a kitten from someone at work, but it didn't work out. So this mad bundle has been keeping up very occupied! She chose me at the shelter by licking my hand. As soon as she came into the flat she was settled. She's very inquisitive and lively.


Jon - easyknitter said...

Hello to Bronte!

YAY for rescue cats!

I used to work for the PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals), it was my first job after graduating as a graphic designer, and I loved it.

I hamster is a great pet, but a cat brings being a pet owner to another level... well it's more like Bronte owns you now, Pickle (my boy blunder as I call him) is boss of the house, he sleeps between Roy and I, and is very demanding of where we sit in the living room ( we have to be close enough together so he can see us both without turning his head, and touch us with as little effort as possible), he loves cheese, all kinds, and whenever there is any being used in the kitchen he sings loudly until he gets some. He is our 'fur-baby' and we love him.

Congrats on the move too... nothing like getting a kitty to make your new place feel like home.


Sinta said...

Bronte is so cute :) I'm glad you enjoyed Paris. It's one of my favourite places. You should read Ernest Hemingway's Moveable Feast! Congrats on the move ^_^ I moved last year and I don't want to go anywhere for another few years. Too much hassle!