Monday, 28 July 2008


I have my driving test tomorrow at 8.10am. I am very nervous and don't feel at all ready (it doesn't help that I failed my mock test) Because of the APD, I've been given extra time.

Add to that, I am being given the responsibility of talking to a letting agent afterwards, I am not at all thrilled at the prospect of tomorrow. I will have to crack out the old shorthand (I knew my journalism degree would come in handy one day!) and try to remember what he says.

I think a trip to Ringtons to spend copious amount on tea may be needed afterwards. Wish me luck!


yogicknitter said...

Hope it all goes well tomorrow. Bigh Hug coming your way. ((((HUG))))

peri said...

Fingers, legs, toes and eyes crossed for you - good luck!!!